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Where does our Beef come from?

SOUTH  DAKOTA  -  HOME OF PRAIRIE FED CATTLE AND BILTONG In the manufacture of our unsurpassed biltong products, we use only prairie fed beef cattle, born and raised locally.  Heifers are purchased at local livestock auctions on the reservation.  They are then brought to the ranches within the grazing grounds of the Cheyenne or Standing Rock pastures.  At the age of two years, the cows begin to produce heifers on the ranges, which they continue to do for about eight to ten years.  They then leave the prairies of the west to be harvested at our facility, which is also situated on the native grasslands of the Cheyenne River Reservation. So they never leave these lands The cattle graze on...

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Dakota Pioneer® Biltong relaunches into new era for Biltong in the USA

We've tried plenty of Biltong in the US and there are some great products out there, but Dakota Pioneer is hands down the best-tasting Biltong we've found anywhere in the USA. It tastes just like it is off the farm back in South Africa. Very authentic and made the same traditional way the Afrikaner Boers have made it for generations.  Want to know why it's so good? The secret is where it comes from and how it's made.

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