Dakota Pioneer® Biltong relaunches into new era for Biltong in the USA

Dakota Pioneer's new website is up and delicious Biltong, Droe Wors (dried beef sausage) and Beef chili sticks are now delivering to Biltong fans across the USA.

We've tried plenty of Biltong in the US and there are some great products out there, but Dakota Pioneer is hands down the best-tasting Biltong we've found anywhere in the USA. It tastes just like it is off the farm back in South Africa. Very authentic and made the same traditional way the Afrikaner Boers have made it for generations.  Want to know why it's so good? The secret is where it comes from and how it's made. See the website for more: www.dakotapioneer.com

Biltong is the perfect protein snack for the Football or Rugby game best paired with a beer or a glass of red wine.

Biltong is the most popular snack in South Africa and eaten by our World Champion Springboks as part of their training diets.  It's also great for post work out for the athlete or can simply be enjoyed as a snack at the office to give you great protein energy for the day. Don't compare it to Jerky because it tastes very different and is made differently. Biltong packs plenty of lean protein with NO SUGAR and NO Preservatives!

Get into it, and enjoy 😎 - Shop Now


  • Kurtis Moter

    Ok just got in my order of Biltong and beef sticks in. I am pleasantly surprised with both. Taste is not salty at all. I will have to say the flavor is nice and subtle not overpowering. The slab cut is nice and tender but you do have to slice it up to eat but it is easy to chew. The stick is a little different I think for me it is just a texture thing taste is good just really soft not like the normal pepperoni stick hardness and snap but it is good. Would like to get some of their spicey cuts when it comes available. Thank You for the tasty Biltong.

  • Leigh-Anne Soules

    It was a taste of SA heaven thanks you so much for the best tasting droe wors and biltong I’ve had. Now I don’t have to wait until I go back to SA to eat my favorite snack.

  • Tom Dawley

    When you send out email keep me in mind.

  • Marina Simon

    Wat is die kos te per lb. Dink u daar aan om wilds Biltong ook te maak?


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