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What's the difference between Biltong and Jerky

There is a big  difference between beef jerky and biltong because beef biltong is made by air drying meat, never cooking or smoking Selected beef cuts are seasoned and air dried,  and when ready to eat can vary between moist and chewy, to dry and rather hard. So is biltong better than beef jerky?  A matter of individual taste!  Biltong is (usually)made from the best cut of beef such as topside, silverside, fillet and sirloin but other meats are also used, such as bison, ostrich and other wild game Spices used to make biltong are basically the same, with  individual biltong makers giving their own brand of biltong its unique flavor. Unlike jerky, sugar is not used in the biltong curing process Beef biltong benefits are that it is a healthy protein snack,...

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