Nutritional Information


How to Store your Dakota Pioneer Biltong Products


  1. After having opened the gas filled plastic bag containing the product, the curing and drying process will continue and, should it not be consumed within two or three days, the product will tend to develop mold, if not removed from the plastic packaging. Please remove from the plastic bags and, if you ordered whole biltong slabs or dry wors, separate the pieces, so the pieces do not touch. Sliced products should be stirred or shuffled daily, especially if the products are quite “wet” or soft and moist, to ensure air flow. Stirring the products will give you a good excuse to snack on it!
  2. To prevent your biltong products from going moldy, please keep it cool and dry. You can store your biltong products in a lunch paper bag, or on a platter, or in a bowl, on a counter or in a cabinet, in the refrigerator or in the freezer. It normally will be good and soft for a few days, though, but if you store it in deep freeze, your biltong products will keep moisture for up to a year. Just thaw and dig in!
  3. Once the products have been removed from the plastic packaging (to prevent mold from forming) the curing, aging and drying process will continue, until, after a few weeks, the products will become quite dry and hard, if not consumed. However, the flavor stays!
  4. WHEN DOES BILTONG EXPIRE? That’s the best part – it doesn’t. Because of the way biltong is cured and dried to protect it from contamination, the meat will never go bad and will not spoil. If this is your first time buying our Dakota Pioneer Biltong Products, we have a feeling that it won’t be sitting on your shelf for long.
  5. Be careful! Dogs will reach anywhere very quickly, to get a hold of your stuff!





Beef, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pickling Salt, Whole Coriander, Ground Coriander, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Ground Cloves. Contains No Allergens.